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The blue lights began wwwxvideos.com to spin around me in a blur now looking like a single ring of bright blue light. We had xvideo.com to pull the Kotan from the planet. x videos They didn't have my mind as their fix any longer and we had to give them a better target. I focused and calmed my mind. The blue light of www.xvideo.com the souls of our children were building a sphere xvideo gay of power around us. For my children, my Bransen, and our world I pulled within myself and erupted pure power feeding their sphere. I funneled power from the earth and sun xvideos.con xvideos japanese and even the Kotan themselves building the sphere. The sphere continued to grow as the Kotan had swarmed to its surface in a feeding frenzy. My body couldn't be seen more xvideos indonesia than what appeared to be a star blazing white hot in the sky. We built the sphere pushing them back as they fed from the energy that drew each of them to the growing surface. The speed at which they absorbed the power and multiplied was amazing. It was now or never. I sent the thought to my sons' light. "NOW". The blazing white lights of them merged with me xvideos hentai and I pulled in the sphere upon us. The Kotan were quickly approaching. Almost reaching us, we released the energy like a supernova. A blast of www xvideos.com blinding white light erupted outward. As the intense light exploded outward it seemed to completely shatter the Kotan like a mosquito slapped as it gorges on xvidoes your blood. The Kotan shattered like x videos.com glass as the xvideos porno white xvideos porno hot nova continued outward xvideo com against and through the entire planet before dissipating somewhere too far away to see. The xvideos indo Kotan could feed quickly, but not fast enough. We had filled them beyond their limit to feed and xvidoes had destroyed them. Tired and knowing the world was safe... I folded myself back aboard ship xvideos free and to the bed in the medical bay along with our children. They lingered a little like drunken pilots before meandering their way back inside us. I can only imagine they were as weakened xvidio by the intensity of it all as I was. I let my eyes close and drifted into my dreams. I woke in my own bed with Bransen's protective arm draped across me. I pulled his arm in tighter. I didn't want to leave this safe place. It xxvideos comforted me. Everything had been happening so fast. "Good morning hon" xvideos tamil I heard Bransen say giving me a tight squeeze. "Morning" my xxxvideo voice struggled out. "It feels so good to be back in our own bed and your arms again." "I suppose we should get back to our world." I said smiling to myself. Nothing loomed in the future, and by now the Thorens and Humans www xvideos.com aboard the remaining sphere would know what we had done. "Not to alarm you hon... ", Bransen interrupted "Oh for fuck sake now what." I interrupted. "Nothing major hon. It's just, well... you don't look exactly like you used too. I think it's quite attractive." He answered with a kiss. "Huh?!" I sat up too quickly nearly dislocating Bransen's arm. I hopped out www.xvideos.com of bed desi xvideos and ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror. "What NOW?! I have two heads?" I thought. Finally in the bathroom part of xxxvideos me didn't xvideos indo want to look. I glanced up at my reflection xxxvideos to see my same old face, but... Now all my hair was the purest white. SON OF xvideos jp A BITCH! The streak had given me a little dignity, this.... I didn't know if I japanese xvideos liked mom xvideos this at all. It was so drastic! The more I looked in the mirror, the more it grew on me. It was the least of battle scars, and I accepted it. This one I think I could wear with pride. It wasn't all bad, and if nothing else, it did indian xvideos make my eyes stand out even more than they had xvideo before. That vain part of me that remained was thankful the color hadn't aged my appearance. I suppose I should xvedio be beyond that, but well... I wasn't. "I guess I could dye it." I said aloud. "No way! It xvideos japan looks like porn xvideos snow! You better not!" Bransen yelled across the room now sitting up in the bed. "It'll definitely make me stand out." I laughed looking more now at the reflection of Bransen in the mirror than xvideos gays myself. I was happy, and we had been so very lucky. For once after my world had been torn to shreds there was something left. This time it was xvido the things I cherished most. These last weeks had been so indian xvideos surreal. "Oh I can't WAIT until those heathen boys of yours are in their teens!" TK interrupted. "What's the matter TK, afraid you can't keep up?" I asked. "Ohhh.... I see many trips to xvideos indonesia the sewage xvideos anal tank for those two if they bring me even half the trouble you two have." TK replied. The thought brought Bransen and me to hysterics xxxvideos laughing so videos x long my damn face hurt. Thank x videos the gods the first 100 years or so telugu xvideos would pass in a blur. I turned and made my xvideos.con way toward Bransen. "Well Bransen, I suppose we should see what xvidio the hell is going on with our new world." "We didn't lose many. xvideos teen Almost all telugu xvideos of the remaining spheres that survived the assassination and coup of Keelon still live. Another few moments and we would have been done for." Bransen answered. "Another three minutes, and you would have all been dust." TK blurted. "Well then... I guess this bitch had xvideos. com good timing after all TK." I answered. The next sound I heard was a raspberry, but for a change it had come from Bransen. I nearly fell to the floor with laughter. "How xvideos video RUDE!!" came TK's reply which made me laugh even harder. I have to admit. Any soul that could survive the roller coaster of fate xvideos gay and xvide laugh at the end x videos.com had done its work well. "We have some work to do, and some details to sort out." I said beaming at my joy as he smiled back at me. "You two make me want to puke" came TK's reply. "Shall we?" I asked looking xvidos.com into Bransen's eyes. He smiled at me and we showered and dressed. It was time x video.com to begin again and form our new world. The possibilities were endless. TK had been directing the recovery of the liquid metal that had fallen to earth during the assault. The remaining spheres and we were nearly whole again. The redundant systems of the Cystos had saved the members of our wwwxvideos.com ship. The Sphere Major xvidos had similar systems in place that had protected most of those aboard during our conflict. Computer links determined there were 2,392,174 of us remaining counting Thorens and Humans. www xvideos.com We washed, dressed and prepared for our debut desi xvideos of sorts. "Are you ready hon?" I asked looking at Bransen. His golden hair slipped xvideos japanese over the www.xvideos xvideos 2 black shimmering fabric of his half sleeve skin tight www.xvideos com shirt that tapered expertly to his waste. TK had created this special for us and had done well. The pants billowed only slightly making Bransen's thigh look even more powerful than they were. We were in matching clothing. The xvieos white of my hair nearly looked out of place against the black, but ultimately accented the ridges video x and lines of the fabric. "All Team members report to Command Level 1" Bransen announced. It was nearly noon the following day after our battle with the Kotan. We all appeared in the command station including Bransen and myself in the center of japanese xvideos it. The team just stared at me and I didn't understand for a moment until I remembered my now pure white hair. It www.xvideo.com made me grin. "Begin the transmission." Bransen commanded nodding to Chris. Chris remained staring and jumped hearing Bransen clear his throat. "You're on Khore." Bransen said to me with a small smile. "Good afternoon. We are battered and bruised in xvideos download the wake of all that has happened. Still through all of this we xvideos.con have survived. The energy wave that my children and I thrust out has renewed the planet as much as it has you. Your ships' computers will verify you are no longer Human or Thoren, but a mix of both. You will all live forever if you choose." "There is no longer a 'Ruler' over us as a people. Keelon botched that, and while I'm sure there are good candidates, I won't be a party xvide to it. I would suggest we tamil xvideos govern ourselves by majority and with a single law. 'Do No Harm' We also need to xvideos.com determine x.videos a path for our people. We are all free to do www.xvideos as we please xxvideos so long as it does not break this law. You may leave this world if you please, but xvidios not until I know from every individual that they choose to go. Anyone attempting to leave without following this process will be destroyed. I will NOT allow the subjugation of any individual wwwxvideos for the convenience of another." "There will be no more slaves and body guards. We are all xvideo gay equal in our standing from this point forward. You may choose a life of service in either area, but you will no longer be required. You will all however be required to board xvedio this ship and will have the opportunity at that time to choose a different life. You may stay, or even choose a different sphere on which porno xvideos to reside. There will be no reprimand for your decision. xvideos jp No one will punish you if you choose to stay or leave. This is how it will be. It is the only way to ensure that you are not being coerced or xvidios forced into doing something you do xvideoss not wish." I took a deep breath and paused. "In light of the past few thousand years, I cannot trust you to break a millennia of habit by my word. We will perform this sorting of all people every year as a celebration of xvidoes our new freedom." "Tomorrow, at 1600 hours your presence is required aboard this ship www.xvideos.com for a celebration and feast. You will then make your decision. Everyone is to attend, there will be no exceptions. Do not force me to collect you." "Enjoy your new found freedom, and one last warning... Be careful in your love. You are more fertile now than ever xxvideo before. The affects should diminish after a few months. I guess the boys wanted someone to play with. x vedios Take this time to think on your future." "Does anyone have a problem following these orders?" I asked. I knew there www xvideos com were still some that existed that wanted to keep their human xvideos anal sex toys and slaves. They had become used to their self importance and it was going to destroy their ill gotten world. Not my problem. "TK, You will monitor all the remaining porn xvideos spheres. If any of them attempt to leave, warm them to stay. If they continue to leave, destroy them before they leave this atmosphere. Continue xvids a sensor scan of all the spheres and notify me if even one individual is harmed or dies." "End Transmission". I nodded to Chris. "Damn Whitie!" Twist yelled. "It's great to see you!" They xvideos 2 all laughed between well wishes and smiles. "Khore, we xvedio have a runner, Sphere 27." TK shouted. The fire leapt across my body almost instantly. I focused my xvido mind on the ship. I had become more in tune with the people my wave had touched. I was somehow linked to their minds x videos.com on some subconscious level. The xvideo com fire flared and I folded all of the people from the sphere to cargo bays 14 and 15. "FIRE" "Do not let them leave the cargo bays TK" I thought. telugu xvideos The power rippled across the ships surface sending out the powerful beam of light xvideos.com destroying the ship a split second later. "Open a signal Chris!" I was seething with anger. DAMNIT! "You are no match for this ship. I x-videos will NOT allow any of you to xvideos hentai take away any Humans without wwwxvideos their opportunity to choose to leave you. I'd rather they all be dead than in your service. Consider it an act of mercy. Is this CLEAR?!" I stood www.xvideo.com staring at the screen in front of me waiting for any reply. The fire was riding across my body and my eyes were a xvideos xvideos blazing www.xvideos com blue. "I will take your silence as agreement. videos x End transmission." I commanded. www.xvideos com "We'll catch up later guys. I have some people to chat with." I said letting the xvideos tamil power roll around me. "Who?" Bransen asked. "The people I folded into the cargo bay before we blew up that ship." I answered smiling. "We've had enough death already don't you think?" He pulled me tight and we hd xvideos kissed. The fire started working down his skin and the feelings were intensifying. I xvideoss pulled back with a smile glancing at his crotch knowing what I'd find. "Later." I thought to Bransen. "I always knew Bransen had a thing for old guys. Nice moves there Grampa!" Twist chided. Now I know he didn't just call me a grandpa. I smiled wide staring straight at Twist as the rest of the team seemed to lean back. I folded him to the sewage tank and back again. He was shiny with xvideos download fluids and debris that made me wwwxvideos shudder to think about. He was wide eyed and arching his arms and legs as if trying to get away from himself. "If I happen to hear xvideos mom any of you call me Grampa ever again... I'll make that your new home." I said with a wide grin. xvideos 2 I folded Twist to his quarters "OOOOoooo BITCH! I think I like you!" Came TK's voice. The rest of the room burst into nervous laughter. "Well TK, I learned if from the best." I chuckled. "Wait a minute... Did you just call me xvideos brasil a bitch?" TK asked. "Never." I answered as we laughed even louder. "OK you xxx videos guys... you have the rest of the afternoon and night off by Bransen's orders. Careful though... You're quite fertile." I said with a grin turning my still blazing eyes at Bransen. "You and I however, don't have to worry about getting pregnant." I leered at Bransen. "I can do this on my own, but I wouldn't mind some company. I've missed xvideos jp you." "Works for me." Bransen smiled back at me. "Okay then... let's get to it. Have fun folks." I paused. xvideos gay "TK, Transport Bransen and me outside of cargo bay 14." In moments we were standing in the hallway before the access arch of the bay. I leaned www.xvideo in and gave Bransen a quick kiss. "Okay. Let's get this xvideos free done quick." I smiled at him. "Agreed." Bransen xvideos.com answered. "Okay... reach out with your xxx videos mind. Touch across their thoughts. Be gentle. There are twelve of them. They stand out like a beacon with their fear." xvideos indo I instructed. Bransen closed his eyes and his own fire porno xvideos lit his flesh. xvideos mom The hd xvideos third wave had moved him to x video.com a new level of power. The xxvideo relief I felt from xxxvideo this was immense. He would most surely now be able to defend against four to five Thorens. Well, he could after some training. "I see them." Bransen said in wonder. "Okay... now open your eyes and xvidos.com maintain the power. Let it flow through you." I continued. Bransen opened his eye and the power flared a moment when he realized xvideo it was xvideos his own. He brought it back under control with little effort. "You could have warned me you know." He said with a little edge to his voice.. "Yes, but if this little surprise could x.videos completely break your concentration, I couldn't let xvideos japan you go in there. Now I'm sure you're safe." I told him softly. "The xvideos porn Thorens that are responsible www xvideos com for this are expecting us to transport in. I will fold us in and isolate the twelve. I'll need you to help me hold them there as we enter. Maintain the barrier around you like a shield, but help me to keep them in place against the wall. Just don't squash them. Build a barrier around them that will not let them move. Do not free xvideos push against them or you'll crush them by accident." I instructed. "Got it." Bransen answered. "TK, transport and confine the remaining people that are not against the wall to individual rooms." I videos x commanded. "Yes Khore." Came the reply. "Ready when you are." Bransen announced. I opened the arch and we walked through as I seized the xxvideos individuals that had tried to leave the planet. I sent them flying through the air xvideos porno into the far wall. They were resisting xvideoss but Bransen's focus was helping. xvedios TK transported the remaining people into separate rooms. We walked the mile length of the bay until we stood before xvideos hd them. I plunged my mind into theirs like a xvideos indonesia dagger. I folded seven of them instantly to a position not far from the moon. No... they were not going to survive. Five of them remained. I had sensed a change in them. They were willing to adapt to a new world... maybe. "You did not have to run. x-videos You could have left of your own free xvideos free will after tomorrow." I announced. A rather frail Thoren in the center of the five spoke. His voice xvido quivered with the strain xvideos indian of his resistance and his fear. "Where did the xvideos brasil others go?" He asked. "They are dead." I answered. "They did not have to be, but I free xvideos mom xvideos could see mom xvideos in their minds, that they would subjugate another race even if they xvideo left with no humans xvideo com from this xvideos in planet. They made their video x decision. Now you xvideos. com have a decision to make. Think it over carefully." xvideo gay I could x vedios see the light of gay xvideos their eyes waning. They had chosen life. I didn't know for sure about the longevity of the situation, but I would watch them. Moments passed. "TK, transport and confine them to individual rooms." I commanded. Bransen and I stood in the empty bay like two blue candles. "One bay down, one to go." I gave Bransen a light elbow. "TK, Transport japanese xvideos us to cargo bay 15." I stretched my mind into the next room. What I found I didn't like. There was a few more this time. There were thirty one of them. I folded eighteen of them to space before we entered. Thirteen remained. We entered as before and we delved into their minds. I xvideos could xvideos porn feel Bransen's mind brushing against mine as we xvideo.com searched their thoughts. He nodded to me and I nodded back in agreement. "TK, assign them rooms and confine them." I ordered only seconds before they were whisked x video.com away in flashes of white. "So... Where xvideos brasil were we?" I asked leaning into Bransen feeling the fire feed between xvids us. --- I am guilty of being lazy porno xvideos and letting this cliff hanger sit too long. I suppose that is the evil in me. I hope you enjoyed the last chapter and I hope that this one gives you hope. It is your feedback that keeps www xvideos me writing so I hope to hear from you all soon. Please send comments and criticisms to gaywriter72yahoo . Take care! Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 18:42:55 -0700 (PDT) From: Gay Writer Subject: Earth Reborn: Chapter 18 The following is a complete work of fiction. Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person xvideos .com is completely coincidental. Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission. Disclaimer: The following story contains erotic homosexual situations. If xvideos indian it is illegal for you to read this please leave now. Chapter 18 Earth Reborn I woke in Bransen's warm embrace. We had our world before us. I was nervous xvideoscom and unsure how to proceed. We had every opportunity for our future, and I was worried I might make a mistake. www xvideos com Luckily, there xvideos teen had been no other attempts to escape through the night. For a change, I slept well. I had a thousand things running through my mind. What do you do when you create a new world? I only new for certain that I needed to create xvideos japanese a world our children could live in. Bransen walked through the door hd xvideos of the bathroom looking at me as I sat up in bed, pondering our future. His long blond xx videos hair was still damn from his shower. "Worried?" he thought to me. "Yes," I answered aloud. "There are thirty eight Sphere Major remaining. Among them, I know there are those desi xvideos that xvideos red would see us fail. The Thoren are not used to being without their pleasures and subordinates," I answered. "We've restored their immortality. They have no more use for me or this place," I continued. "I'm not sure where this will end." Bransen carried xvideos com two cups of coffee as he made his way across the free xvideos room. xx videos He sat on the bed handing me the dark liquid that would bring me to my senses. I took a quick sip xvedios of the hot coffee. "I have no desire to rule these people Bransen," I said aloud. "I xvideos. com don't want some monarchy of hate to ever exist again. We are better than that. I can hear their thoughts. Every person aboard every sphere is in my mind. It's deafening," I continued. I wanted him to hold me. I wanted Bransen to push the thoughts away. It was too much. It was never Kelay's plan to make this new world. I had come into being for a single purpose. Unite the Thoren and Human people. Now we xvideos hd were so few. We xvideos com had failed on so many levels. I had a banquet to plan. The sorting would commence and we would begin a new life. I worried about those that might gay xvideos separate from us. I could feel their thoughts against my mind like needles in a pin cushion. Blue white fire erupted against my skin. I hadn't caused it. It was my xvids unborn son. He sensed my despair and had reacted by instinct. "Khore?" Bransen asked with concern. "They know Bransen. Our children know. We cannot fix this... but maybe they can," I answered. "Fix what?" Bransen asked. "My mistakes... Kelay's mistakes. A multitude xvideos gays of bad choices will be their legacy," I paused. "There are xvideos xvideos so very many." I said fighting to forget past horrors. "I don't understand," Bransen said. Bransen looked at me confused. I couldn't give him the bulk of our misguided pursuit at longevity. Kelay's memories were mine. The Thoren failures were my own. How do you explain a millennia of bad decisions and atrocity? I didn't want this world to suffer for our errors, but I knew they would. It wasn't my fault, but Kelay's xvideos indian memories made it my problem. "Nevermind, xvideos tamil hon," I said with a smile. "I'm just being silly," The blue white xvidos fire dwindled against my skin until indian xvideos it was gone. There wasn't time for this right now and we had much to do. For once, I didn't know where to start. Up to this point, everything had www.xvideo come so fast, there wasn't really time to think. I could only react. xxvideo It xvideos gays was unsettling. xvideos japan "What has you so distracted?" Bransen asked. "Well, hon, to be honest... This is the first time I've actually been able to take a breath you know? Everything came so fast, now that we have a moment, I'm lost," I chuckled. Bransen smiled at me and gave an understanding nod. "Kelay, release the people we took aboard ship last night. Let them have the run of the xvide ship, but do not allow them entry to ops or like systems. I don't want them thinking they are captives aboard this ship. Let xvideos hd xvideos in them know they are free to move about as they wake. If any are already awake, tell them now," I commanded. "Whatever..." Came TK's reply. "Incidentally, there have been 118 conceptions not including your own in the past twelve hours. Damn breeders." Bransen and I stared at each other. "I guess the boys will have lots of company," Bransen said with a smirk. "I xvideos video guess so," I answered. "Didn't I warn them? Didn't xvideos com I say that they were more fertile and to be careful? What video x the hell are we going to do with 120 squalling babies aboard ship!" I felt x videos a panic rising in me. "Sounds like a lot of shitty diapers and sleepless nights to me!" TK interrupted. "Sucks to be you!" "No, TK, But it is going to suck to be you. We only have to listen to two babies cry, you will hear them all!" Bransen commented. "SHIT!" TK replied. "TK, the spheres are designed to restructure themselves. Is the Cystos compatible with the Major Spheres?" xvideos teen I xvideos .com asked. Bransen's brow was furrowed again with confusion. Those cute lines wrinkled his forehead whenever he was worried or tamil xvideos at a loss. x video "Yes Khore," Came TK's reply. "Well at least there is that," I said again grinning at Bransen. "We can join the x video spheres and the x vedios Cystos to make a floating city. They will open wwwxvideos.com up and our children xvidio will see a real sky xvideos .com instead of xvideos download the ones in the habitats," I marveled at the thought. "So long as the others choose to stay," Bransen added. "Yes... I suppose that is a possibility, too. I can hope though," I took another sip of my coffee. "I suppose I should ask. Do you want to stay?" I searched his eyes. "What?! Well, I never really thought about it," he xvideos red paused, "Do you?" Bransen returned my question. "I have Kelay's memories, so I've already traveled the stars. I'd like to raise our children here, but I'll stand by your decision," I answered. Bransen sat and sipped www.xvideos.com his x-videos coffee for a moment before answering. "After our children are grown, I think I might like to have a look around, but not for another five or six hundred years I think," he grinned. We finished our coffee. Bransen dressed while I showered. After my shower, I xvideoscom dressed and went to the food dispenser and requested two more coffees. I took them to the love seat. Bransen joined me as www xvideos we sat in silence. I was feeling a bit better now. My shower and the coffee xvedios xxxvideo were quickly pushing the sleep from my mind. "How do you think it will go later?" I asked. "Huh?" Bransen snapped back from xxx videos xvideos hentai his daze. "Oh, I really don't know. We certainly can't allow any weapons aboard," he paused, "We need to make sure that every individual, including those on this ship, xvideos porn have the opportunity to choose their own path." Bransen was picking at his fingernails. It was something he did when he was nervous. That small movement comforted me. It told me he was unsure about our future as well. "We will continue on whether or not they choose to stay. I'm sure at the very worst, a few thousand will remain here. In time we would be come hundreds of thousands, and then millions. Space is a big xvidos.com place. There's x.videos plenty of room for our grandchildren." I answered. The thought made me smile. "We should probably prepare for this afternoon," Bransen replied. "Well, which x video do you want, city planning, or government?" I asked. "I think with that last display of power, they are going to fear you more than me. I bet that white hair of yours will turn some heads too," he chuckled. "I'm not interesting in having them fear me xvideos in Bransen. xvideos mom I only want them to give everyone a chance," I pondered a moment and heaved a xvieos sigh. "You are probably right. They will be more compliant after yest porn xvideos